Fiber Optic Cable

In the content of the corporate fiber optic infrastructure services, we are dealing with projecting, renting and expropriating, excavation, fill and horizontal drilling applications as well as highway and railway crossings all over Turkey and perform additions and finishes without loss using the advanced technology with fiber optic laying works.

What is fiber optic cable?

Fiber optic cable is a cable made of glass and covered with a protective material a couple of layers in the middle. It transmits light preventing the formulation of interferences instead of electronic signals. Light transmission is ideal for the atmospheres including high amounts of electricity interference. As it is not affected from the electricity interferences, it is widely used in local area network installations and platforms which are sensitive for lightning and humidity and where the environmental conditions are dense.

Where is fiber optic cable used ?

Fiber optic cable was being used only for transmitting huge amounts of date between long distances. It was possible by increasing the copper diameter on the copper cable but the fiber optic uses light instead of electricity, therefore increases both the distance and the frequency. And this enabled the usage of communication beyond its usage areas which was limited to the capability of the copper cable in the past. For example, usage of fiber in computer networks, overseas passages, intercity communication and domestic usage. The usage of fiber is limited to our imagination.

Laying the fiber cables

As the sturcture of the fiber cable is very sensitive, it shall be laid by expert and experienced people on the issue. After the determination of the route, the cable is laid along the route considering the fiber optic cable length using the world class workmaship quality. As the fiber optic cable is generally preferred for out of building applications, all the excavation works such as crushing to be performed along the route shall be realized under the leadership of our team. All of these works are realized after informing the customers and obtaining the needed documents.

Termination of the fiber optic cable

The fiber optic cables shall be terminated in special boxes. These are generally wall type and rack type boxes. Fiber optic cable are not generally used alone. The cable are brought to the cabins or termination boxes. They reach to the active devices through fiber patch cables. Doublesided female sockets called Coupler or Adaptor are used for integrating the fiber optic cable and patch cable.

The fiber optic termination work is performed in two ways called Epoxy and Fusion Splice. Among these methods, the Fusion Splice method is faster, has lower rates of loss, long lasting and more professional compared to the Epoxy method. ST and SC connectors are used as a standard product for the termination of the fiber optic cables. Despite the presence of other connectors such as MTRJ, LC and FC, usage of ST and SC connectors is more common