Telephony and Data Lines

IP Telephony & IPCC

In the content of this service, it is aimed to prove cost efficiency with the next generation IP telephone exchanges and call center software. Being able to use a common communication infrastructure for the whole agency, interoprability of various communication methods (video conferencing, voice message etc.), creating new business strategies with integrated IP applications ensures an advantage in terms of primary investment cost and speeds up the return of investments. In this content we present the following services:

• IP telephony topology infrastructure planning,
• Determination of network quality of service (QoS) policies,
• IP-based call center software, planning and integration,
• Integration with PC-based applications,
• Presenting user and system trainings,
• Operational support planning
• Providing technical support after installation.

Network Design (LAN & WAN & Telecom)

In this service, all the local area noetwork (LAN), wide area network (WAN) and telecom needs are determined, projected and the most appropriate, managable, flexible, extendable solutions are aimed to be presented. Considering all the communication needs of an institution we serve the following:

• Analysis of the needs of the Authority,
• Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure design, (cabling, active devices, etc.).
• Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure to be designed,
• Determination of Network quality of service (QoS) policies,
• Determination of network security infrastructure, (AAA, Access-list)
• Telecom infrastructure planning, (SDH, TDM, G.SHDSL, Frame Relay, ATM, etc.).
• Providing infrastructure counseling to Turk Telekom about alternative operators
• Determination of internet access infrastructure needs and performing the hardware installation and configuration