Construction of Roads

Getting its power from the effective management and coordination net, Güvenay Telekomünikasyon has the capacity to undertake all the projects making use of its own equipment, logistics and human resources.

Güvenay Telekomünikasyon continuing its operations with the activities of a culture dedicated for improvement, thinks that increasing the welfare of the countries it has worked in, contributing to the economic and social terms are among the main items considerations of the corporate responsibilities.

With the large infrastructure investments it completed in time without any deficiencies, Güvenay Telekomünikasyon has acquired a strong commercial capability and risk perception and supports this superiority with its financing capacity and robust financial power.

Güvenay Telekomünikasyon has a wide product range for the maintenance and protection of asphalt and concrete surfaces as well as construction techniques, and present both the tradition construction methods and alternative solutions to its customers