Electricity OG - AG

Electrical transmission line is the one ensuring the transmission of the electricity generated in a controlled and planned way at the power plants to the distribution lines. It is a system transmitting the electricity between the electricity generation plant and the transformers around the electricity consuming regions and between these transformer stations and the end user. The cost of laying the transmission lines include the aspects of the route of the transmission line, geographical state, state of the land, security status of the line etc. It is very important to construct the electricity line in a reliable way with minimum loss.

Electricity transmission lines are divided into two being high and low voltage. High voltage lines are generally installed between the plant and residential areas. And the low voltage lines are used for urban electricity distribution. For the works whose electricity commitments are undertaken by us, we prepare concept projects, implementation projects and cost and benefit analysis considering the technical requirements brought by the related regulations and customer needs as a result of the negotiations made with the employer. The works are explained to the employer in detail. In the direction of the projects prepared by GUVENAY TELEKOMUNİKASYON İNŞAAT SANAYİ TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ, we commence the manufacturing period basing on he working schedule agreed with the employer. Work and workers’ safety precautions are taken throughout the manufacturing period. we deliver the as-built projects prepared in the AutoCAD platform both in electronic form and as a plotter print out.